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About Stuart Street

Stuart teaches from his professional Home Music Room  



Date: February 2014

Stuart is a very friendly person and this comes across when he is teaching. My daughters both love going to lessons and seem to be learning extremely well in the short time they have been having lessons. They are learning both practical and theory work and are enjoying every moment of it.


Date: February 2014

I would like to recommend Stuart to anyone thinking of taking up the piano or interested in learning theory of music. Two of my children,(now aged 8 and 6,) have been going to Stuart for weekly lessons. In the space of only 16 months they have gone from having no musical knowledge to having the ability to read music and play the piano. They have sat the LCM pre-preparatory and Step 1 piano exams and achieved distinctions in both. This achievement is a testament to Stuart's patience and teaching ability. He has been able to adapt his lessons to suit the individual learning styles and abilities of each of my children. They both enjoy the lessons and enjoy taking their books to school to demonstrate for their teachers!


Date: February 2014

I would highly recommend Stuart Street to anyone who would like to learn to play the piano. For the past 5 months Stuart has been teaching my 6 year old daughter who previously had no musical experience however she is now capable of reading and playing basic music. He has been able to adapt his teaching methods to suit my daughters capabilities. I am very proud of how she is coming on and would like to thank Stuart for his hard work and persistence.


Date: April 2014

I 'taught' myself to play a keyboard but have always wanted to play the piano. My keyboard has not been used for some time because of my husband's ill health. Some weeks ago Stuart's leaflet came through the door and on showing it to my daughter, she handed me the phone and booked my first lesson with Stuart. I was very nervous about it but he was very welcoming and put me at ease and I have been able to relax and enjoy our lessons, something I have dreamed of for many years - playing the piano.


The School

The school will be welcoming a home professional business for lessons in Music for 'young students', 'older children' and 'adults'.

Stuart is willing to visit your home, obviously only with a piano fitted in your premises. 


Music Lessons

Fill out our contact form now to book your child into '30 minutes' taster lessons today. We use a 10% discount for peoples who 'book' a block of 5 or 10 lessons.  For 30 minuites the 'FEE' will be costing
For 'adults' and older children the 'full' hour could be included for exam preperation study.

Children teaching methods

Stuart uses an holistic approach of teaching methods with plenty of young fun books for young pupils.  Students do seem to enjoy the materials in the books, which have been successful.  

Graded exams from ABRSM and LCM boards, plus others by request.  Grades Step to Step 2 and 1 to 8 and beyond. Grades Step and up to Grade 6 for Theory of Music.  
Read the Musicians' Union flyer 'Want to learn an instrument?' by clicking




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For lesson inquiries 
Tel: 02921 323786